Would I buy into this?

“There’s this guy who has this fantastic service using this (insert gizmo here) marketing tactic that can really double my sales.”

And on and on it goes.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on this marketing gizmo, ask yourself Would I buy into this?

If the answer is no, that should be your first red flag.

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Gen Y Marketing for Small Businesses

I work to engage social media and online tools to capture the  hearts and minds of your customers.

My marketing strategy is to build an online network for your small business to foster a real customer connection with your business, and  to make them brand ambassadors for your company.

I love small businesses, and I want to help  set up a marketing framework to tell your story, and tailor your business message, build a brand customers find worth talking about, that you, the business owner, can manage independently.

I call it Grassroots Marketing because I work to build from the ground up.

Your Business Elevator Pitch

It sits near the edge of an empty road, past the local DMV, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its small, filled with mismatched furniture, and all sorts of knickknacks that have been washed up over the years. It’s a long narrow space with tables, chairs arranged haphazardly and narrow space for its kitchen. Highly succesful, aways packed, and well… interesting.

What do I love about this place? It stays on code.

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TV advertising is overrated

The quickest way to flush money down the toilet?

Do a big tv ad.

Yes it does generate recognition, and traditionally big business have been built on these but let’s face it, with the astounding number of channels, most people will not remember the ad once that runs for a short time, and even if they do, this may not generate sales leads.Add to the mix how people tend to multitask and zone commercials out while watching TV (according to a recent study) and you’ve got yourself an expensive way to try to get your audience’s attention.

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The cheapest way to build your customer base

Small businesses need their loyal fans.

Local patrons who relate to the business message, beliefs and feel a personal connection with the establishment, its people, or the offering.

It’s loyal followers that talk about recommend places, promote your business, tweet about the local events, or check in at the establishment which alerts their social circle’s news feed.

Small business are special

What makes small businesses special is that their customers can easily identify with the company and its owners because they probably see them. I can not stress enough the power that personal connections have in getting people to care. After all, wouldn’t you support a business a friend is associated with?

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