TV advertising is overrated

The quickest way to flush money down the toilet?

Do a big tv ad.

Yes it does generate recognition, and traditionally big business have been built on these but let’s face it, with the astounding number of channels, most people will not remember the ad once that runs for a short time, and even if they do, this may not generate sales leads.Add to the mix how people tend to multitask and zone commercials out while watching TV (according to a recent study) and you’ve got yourself an expensive way to try to get your audience’s attention.

A local and dear pub launched its tv ad on local channels, and although I’m sure it meant well, I am not quite sure how this would influence people to attend. These days with people’s varying schedules and multiple jobs getting a prime spot on the tube, and capitalizing it is more trouble than its worth.

Work with what you have

Spend your advertising dollars on media you can evaluate. Place a coupon in your e-newsletter, or when people sign up for the newsletter. Offer fun freebies with a buy, like a funny t-shirt that has your logo on the back. Reward customers for referrals. Run a promotional campaign through your Facebook page to attract fans.

Build on the base of people who are already aware of your business, that’s a grassroots tactic. Creating favorable impressions will generate more leads than any one time tv ad can generate. Especially when customers tell their family and friends about your business.

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Or spend the time, energy and investment on building a viral campaign that can be posted on Facebook walls, forwarded, tweeted and e-mailed, something light, funny or touching.

First it’s cheaper than TV, secondly if someone is watching your video it will be because they want to watch it, not because it’s a commercial break that they either ignore or forget.

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