A facelift for your small business

I drive by some storefronts everyday that have not changed much in the last six months or so. THe optometrist has had the same display since they opened I am guessing, the corner store that sells cards, old newspaper and memorabilia looks pretty dead, and the computer store is just plain and boring.

I have always wondered why.

Why is it OK to just be plain?

These stores do not entice me nor anyone I know to stop by. They do not even try.

And that’s the saddest part.

A person with no personality will have few friends, so why would it be any different for a store?

A season for new beginnings

It’s the holiday season, and what better time to give your store a personality.

It’s widely known that decorating a storefront puts a customer in a spending mood, especially if its well decorated and full of festive cheer. So why do so many small businesses seem to let the holidays just roll by?

Changing up your window display can breathe life to your store traffic and can be done in a creative small budget way.

Make it fun, make it cheap

It’s not enough to dress up mannequins or have a well-arranged display, or even sticking to sale and discount signage. Breathing life into a store can make all the difference in standing apart from the rest.

Instead of the usual staff meeting gather everyone around a tree and talk shop while you decorate. Think up a fresh scene such as a winter camping theme, or winter underwater land theme, using items already on sale at the store as well as a few inexpensive decorations. Carry this theme through the store with inexpensive ways to add festivity such as a free candy cane at the register, or a touch of holiday cheer in the staff uniforms. Create a festive ambience, and see how your customers react.

While we are at it, go a little out of your way to contact a local college to see if there are any art students that would decorate your window display other months of the year. That way you can get away from scratching your head for ideas yet breathe life into the store front and entice passersby, as well as loyal patrons to spend a little more at your store.