Would I buy into this?

“There’s this guy who has this fantastic service using this (insert gizmo here) marketing tactic that can really double my sales.”

And on and on it goes.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on this marketing gizmo, ask yourself Would I buy into this?

If the answer is no, that should be your first red flag.

Maybe you’re not the target market, so perhaps the next question should be would my market buy into this?

Talk to people who fit the customer profile you seek to attract, and ask them, “Would this make you come to my store? Buy?”

If so, proceed with caution, and bounce more ideas to understand why they like it, and what they like about it, ask if there would be some better way to reach them. Listen to both the verbal and non-verbal to really test if this product is good for your business.

A lot of money could be saved if people just started with a simple question, “Would I buy into this?”

Market to yourself or your customers and the rest will follow.