“Who Cares?” A litmus test for marketing

One of my journalism professors used to have a very simple litmus test against which our submissions to the student newspaper were measured “Who cares?”

It was a question that regulated both what we wrote, and how we wrote it.

To be honest I have been guilty of forgetting this lately, especially when it comes to regulating my content.

This morning, I read about how attention is a currency, and a very important one at that. Due to the number of messages people receive everyday, we have all become less tolerant of mediocrity, and to command attention with content that is relevant to your audience is a powerful tool.

This is especially true when measuring marketing content.

Anytime you spend money in advertising or marketing your small business, you should ask yourself, who cares? And then target that particular demographic.

Who cares that I am having a  sale this weekend? WHo cares that we just added a new patio to our restaurant? Who cares that I received this award? Who cares that we have new stock for the season?

For any business, your customers come to you for different reasons, identifying these reasons and grouping them accordingly is the first step towards pinpoint targeted marketing, that will give better results.

And if that message os not relevant to the demographic, then tailor it to fit in with their wants or needs.


1. Attention is the new currency

2. Make your messages relevant to your audience

3. Tailor your message to fit your customers needs, not yours.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, what do you think?

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