Be different for crying out loud

I have a confession, I love hanging out with smart-asses.

They slide funny, ironic, comments in a dead pan way and if they are any good, make you laugh at yourself a little. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I definitely get a kick out of them. And no one can say they don’t have personality.

My question is, why aren’t more businesses out there with personality? Why are small business owners content to let their stores blend in with everyone?

Own your identity

It’s time that small business find out what makes them different from everyone else.

You’re not just a coffee shop you’re an acoustic, bluegrass melting pot. You’re not just a bar you’re a cozy, low lit speed dating hub. You’re not just any business you’re unique.

Sure, you may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but digging into who you are is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your customers.

Start by looking at what you offer, not just the product but the experience that those coming into your store receive. Look at ways you are different, (What makes you a purple cow?). What do people love, what do people not love about your business? What the major group profiles of your typical customers?

Figure out who you are, be unique, and own it!

In marketing we call that branding.

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