You paid what? -Rethinking Value

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Oftentimes to compete with the big box stores, small businesses  take to lowering their prices to bring in those customers. After all a lower price is linked with a higher value.

While this is true, there is a link,  it is not the end all to competing on value.

There is a missing element to this equation that can mean a whole different ballgame completely.

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“Who Cares?” A litmus test for marketing

One of my journalism professors used to have a very simple litmus test against which our submissions to the student newspaper were measured “Who cares?”

It was a question that regulated both what we wrote, and how we wrote it.

To be honest I have been guilty of forgetting this lately, especially when it comes to regulating my content.

This morning, I read about how attention is a currency, and a very important one at that. Due to the number of messages people receive everyday, we have all become less tolerant of mediocrity, and to command attention with content that is relevant to your audience is a powerful tool.

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Be different for crying out loud

I have a confession, I love hanging out with smart-asses.

They slide funny, ironic, comments in a dead pan way and if they are any good, make you laugh at yourself a little. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I definitely get a kick out of them. And no one can say they don’t have personality.

My question is, why aren’t more businesses out there with personality? Why are small business owners content to let their stores blend in with everyone?

Own your identity

It’s time that small business find out what makes them different from everyone else.

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Gen Y Marketing for Small Businesses

I work to engage social media and online tools to capture the  hearts and minds of your customers.

My marketing strategy is to build an online network for your small business to foster a real customer connection with your business, and  to make them brand ambassadors for your company.

I love small businesses, and I want to help  set up a marketing framework to tell your story, and tailor your business message, build a brand customers find worth talking about, that you, the business owner, can manage independently.

I call it Grassroots Marketing because I work to build from the ground up.