You got this, and I can help.

Congratulations, you’ve just got the keys to a Ferrari.

Using HubSpot as your marketing platform will help you leverage your marketing efforts across campaigns and targets. But where should you start? Where is the low-hanging fruit that you need to cover immediately?

How Daisy can help you build your HubSpot Marketing Campaign

With over 4 years of HubSpot experience, I can help you build a kick-ass marketing strategy, lay out the gameplan of what needs to happen next and help you develop key pieces.Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Guidance in building your buyer personas
  • Researching Google Analytics to find out what content pieces or web pages are working best
  • Prioritize which campaigns you need to set up first
  • Build a workflow with each content piece you’ll need to get started
  • Help you create the content pieces to help you build your HubSpot marketing program
  • Create an end-to-end strategy that includes blog posts, landing pages (opt-in pages), email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns and reporting to measure what works
  • Fuse your PPC and content marketing efforts to bring an inbound approach to your advertising

Best of all, as soon as you are set up you can manage it in-house.

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