About Me

If you were to meet me, I would be a somewhat tall, black girl with a friendly smile.

I would make small talk and ask lots of question because I am a curious sort of the work  places, and people’s stories  Maybe we would connect, and you would tell me about your experiences and how you came to be here.

Or maybe not, in which case the small talk and awkward silence w would endue until you mercifully said “Ok, gotta go!”

I don’t know how to end conversations with strangers so I always linger until they do.

But I do know how to write. Which is what I do at my fulltime job as a COntent Strategist for PureDriven, a Minnesota based internet marketing agency. I also write here occasionally, I wish I were consistent, but inconsistency is my only constant. Too cheesy?


I love marketing because it’s part science and part art to take an indefinable something and make it iconic. I want the powers to do that. SO when I’m not working , I’m devouring books.

I blog about business blogging as a way to build interest around your business or personal brand as well as social media and e-mail marketing.

Contact me via this blog. I am also occasionally on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

I’m kidding about Google+, though.

Thanks for stopping by!