Meet Daisy

My spelling sucks.

And my grammar, ugh, I have terrible grammar.

So how and why do I tout myself as an email and content marketing strategist?

Because my ace is strategizing and creating compelling content.

When it comes to creating messages that grab attention, connect and resonate with your target audience, I kick butt (someone else checks my spelling and grammar).

Email marketing is sexy

I believe email is the best channel for your marketing. If you don’t think so, it may be underperforming. I’d love to change that. I have put together email campaigns that get over 50% open rates (when the rest average 30%).

Content marketing is sexy

I fuse together inbound marketing, PPC and SEO tactics to build a killer content strategy. A lot of content marketing can feel like putting out disparate pieces. Building a content marketing strategy changes that. From creating premium content (ebooks and webinars), to blog posts, and email marketing, all these efforts can work in tandem.

Also, data is sexy

I mine data, study your audience and persona to frame my thinking to attract your audience. From combing your analytics to studying the market, and mining customer insights, the right information makes all the difference.

My superpower is being able to see goals and challenges at the 10,000 ft. view and then break it down to the 10 ft. tactics. Creating bite-sized chunks that your team (or I) can deliver.

I am comfortable reigning disparate ideas, goals, and initiatives to create a cohesive campaign.

Customized solutions to your problem

I listen to your challenges and provide a custom solution. I don’t try to shoehorn your needs to whatever run of the mill content marketing template is out there.


Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Or let’s have a 15-minute chat over your current efforts to see if I am the right partner for your team.

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