Meet Daisy

Daisy Quaker

Daisy Quaker can help you build an online marketing strategy by getting into your website analytics to find opportunities to optimize ongoing digital campaigns.

Content Marketing Strategy

Daisy’s first love is content. Her experience includes creating premium content (ebooks and webinars), blog posts, and email marketing. She fuses together inbound marketing, PPC and SEO tactics to build a killer content strategy.

Email Marketing (and Marketing Automation)

Daisy is not great at spelling, and her grammar is sub-par, but what she excels at is crafting compelling copy (she has someone else add the commas and cross check her spelling). Daisy has the uncanny ability to view things from the buyer perspective, understand their pain points and address them. She has created multiple email campaigns that get 50% open rates (way above industry averages).

Other than that

Daisy makes a mean curry and tries to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. When she’s got some spare time she is building a style community over at Style Peace

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