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The simple answer is yes if its positive, or poses a question. And if you are already sold on that then carry on with your day. But if you wish to know why this is important for your social media strategy, then read on.

Why you should reply to every commentSocial Media Strategy on comments for small business

I can understand being busy, not having enough time, and having a jam-packed day. I get that. But then there’s tomorrow morning, when you show up at your workspace, before you tackle all those e-mails from yesterday, and you are bright and perky from your first cup of coffee. That’s a good time to go back and respond to all those unanswered comments.

Responding shows you value your follower’s time, and their opinions, which helps increase the positive associations they will feel towards your brand and business. It will also help build a connection by making them feel that you are listening if they have a problem or concern down the road.

Even an apologetic comment, and contacting a dissatisfied customer helps create a positive reputation, first by allowing others to empathize, and by halting a possible negative word of mouth train in its tracks.

Use Social Media to build relationships

Your pages and accounts should not just be mouthpieces for your business but a tool to use in creating a bond with your fans or followers.

If it’s too much work outsource it, have a consultant or company dedicated to managing your social media presence. Whatever you do, don’t leave customers hanging, it’s how you treat them that counts.

Case in point:

I recently stopped by two businesses in my area, looking for a particular service. I prefaced my introduction by stating that it was a casual drop-in, and I did not have an appointment. Next I asked if they could help me.

One business was friendly, listened well, and was professional. And even though I stood by the receptionist desk the entire time, the friendly demeanor of the assistant made me feel welcome.

The assistant at the other businesses, which was much larger in comparison, did try to help as well. But their demeanor was distant and unwelcoming. Although in comparison this business did have more benefits to offer, it was a small difference and my loyalty was already sold to the first smaller business because of their service.

People will always remember how you treat them.

So the question to ask yourself today is, how do you treat your audience, fans and readers? Make time to respond, and if it’s all too much for your plate, then click here to get some help.


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