It’s basic, it’s not that artistic, and most often it can be an overlooked marketing tactic, but it sells. The phrase “Click this link” could be the fuel to your small business direct marketing and content marketing campaign because it inspires action, and action can boost your sales.

People respond to direct requests

Direct Marketing Call to ACtion CLick Here Increase sales

“Click this Link” is an example of a Call to Action.
A Call to Action is a direct request for your reader to do something.

If you have fine-tuned a pitch or blog post that positions your readers to want more, telling them what to do next to get the benefits you rave about is the best way to turn passive readers into doers.

It’s not enough to expect that people will know what to do. Spelling it out helps drive the point home, and this tactic is applicable to e-mail marketing, blogging, or even a sales landing page.


  • Call this number to get your information kit
  • Email me to request a quote
  • Click this link to receive a sample
  • Post a comment to tell me what you think

‘Click Here’ Inspires 8% More Action

How many times do you write a great post with a fistful of benefits that intrigues your readers but forget to tell customers what exactly they should do next?

It’s important to outline your purpose: Spell out what action they should take to get the desired result. Why? Because it’s a direct request. If you want someone to shut a door, you don’t say, “The door is open,” you say “Close the door.” So why not apply this to your writing and marketing?

Your online marketing content should make it as easy as possible for them to get what they want. In fact a study showed that using the term “Click here” and “Click this link” inspires 8 percent more actions that a regular link, click here to read the entire post.

Stick to One Request

Sure, your readers can probably email, IM, tweet, Facebook, snail mail and call you, but telling them to do all that might just overwhelm them and water down your campaign’s impact.

Keep it simple, ask them to do one thing such as fill out a contact form, and you will get in touch. It can feel a little odd to give them just an option or two, because you would really respond to any form of contact but in the end a simple request is the key to inspiring action. It is simple, do this to get that.

Have a question about direct marketing or Internet marketing efforts? Click this link to contact me and get answers.

Image credit: Flickr –Kate Dreyer

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