Fact: Not every customer that comes to your website is ready to buy.

If you promote your company or product on different channels, your website visitors will discover you at different stages of their buying/decision making process.

Some may be ready to buy, others may not.

This is why you need to hook potential leads that come to your website, and nurture those leads through email campaigns, or risk missing a valuable chunk of potential sales.

The web is noisy, beat the competition by getting to your lead’s inbox

The web is a noisy space. Post a topic on social media, and you compete with posts from friends and family. Put efforts into Search Engine Optimization, and you compete with every blog or media outlet on the web that wants to rank for the same search result. Run an ad and you are vying for impressions and clicks with other advertisers.

That’s why you should leverage the most out of leads that opt-in to your marketing channels to get more out of your marketing efforts. Once you can get into your prospects email inbox, you reduce the number of distractions you are competing with and speak directly to your potential customer.

Marketing trends show email marketing spend increasing, with good reason

Email has been around for a long time. But it’s long been an undervalued asset until now. Businesses are waking up to the fact that to get a potential customers email helps improve their sales return.

A recent report published on Marketing Charts show that email marketing spend is expected to increase in 2016 ahead of social media and display advertising.

That’s because if you can capture more leads into your marketing funnel you can tailor your message to try and convince your leads to buy.

Getting New Subscribers and increasing opens is difficult

In the same study, most cited earning new subscribers and increasing open rates to be the hardest challenges to compete with. You might agree.

Dismal subscription and open rates are mainly caused by:

  • Not aligning the target audience with the right message and the right goal
  • Not creating optimized email marketing copy to increase open rates and engagement

If those pain points hit close to home, I can help you get the most return for your email marketing list.

How I help you Generate Better ROI from your Email Marketing