How much is one email worth at your company? Not in open rates, but in sales.

How much return are you generating on your current email marketing campaigns? Each email you send is worth a dollar amount in sales generated. If you don’t know this dollar amount, that’s where we start.

Once you can put a dollar amount to each email send (based on the average sales or conversions generated) you get a snapshot of the health of your email marketing campaigns.

Do you have an email marketing benchmark?

This can be growing your list, which widens your reach. Or it can be increasing return from your current list, which focuses on the message, the audience, and the health of the list.

A smart company bases their email performance on industry benchmarks.

A smarter company goes a layer deeper and looks internally at opens, clicks and sales to set up benchmarks and goals.

Have you split up your email lists based on buyer journey or interests?

Don’t just email one ol’ list.

At the bare minimum, if you are not running a lead nurturing campaign for new prospects and a separate email marketing campaign for your customers, we start there. If you are (awesome!) we look at optimizing that by refining and testing your message, cadence, and subject lines.

We also look at ways to group your lists based on what appeals to your groups of buyers. After all, your email (and product) is not about you, it about your customer’s pain point, and each group of potential customers has different pain points. The more targeted your email message is the better the performance and return.

Do you track, measure, and refine your emails?

Each email you send out should progressively be better than the previous email you sent out. Tighter subject lines, smarter copy and better ROI. Your benchmarks should be progressive and tie into the goal of each email campaign (Hint: it’s not always about getting the leads to the product page).

Over time this leads to less boring copy, better open rates and engagement, and more sales.

Build an email marketing campaign based on ROI and Performance

Great email marketing is not just about hitting “Send” every month. It’s about creating e-mails that generate opens, clicks, and sales. It’s a combination of understanding your customers, addressing their challenges and winning them over. It’s rooted an understanding of the buyer’s problem and positioning your product to match and solve it.


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Daisy is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a keen instinct for building campaigns focused on bringing value to your target buyer, and building revenue for your company.

Daisy draws hands-on experience in running online marketing campaigns, as well as SEO, PPC, email marketing and lead nurturing projects. She helps clients build holistic content marketing and email marketing campaigns that get potential customers to act.

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