Winding country road
Photo by Daisy Quaker

I’d like to take you on a hypothetical country road, quite similar to one I’ve been taking these past few weeks while hanging out at a campground in the northwoods of  Wisconsin.

it’s a slow drive, we have nothing to do, and nowhere to be, just enjoying the sounds of the birds calling back and forth in the trees, and the bursts of sunlight through the trees.

Our minds are wandering as we enjoy the sights, and I turn to you and ask, “Do yo ever Google yourself?”

“Huh,” you say, jarred from the lovely scenery with my odd question.

You should know that I have a tendency of asking random odd questions, when I happen to think out loud.

Ok, so that’s doesn’t exactly fit the scenery but I love winding country roads covered in trees. Truthfully, I was driving and snapping pictures of trees and thinking about life, goals, and where I wanted to be in life. Summer is when I make plans for myself.

As I drove past trees, and rounded corners I thought more and more about becoming indispensible and how that is tied to building a reputation around something you are known for. It became more and more clear to me that to get from A to B on my goals, I need to master ways that can help me build a reputation or personal brand.

Google yourself

A quick search on Google will tell anyone what the online world has to say about you.

If the first source on information about you is well you, the second source are family and friends, then the third and seemingly unbiased source is Google right? In some cases it might be the first source people visit.

If the information we have available online is so important how are you proactively trying to show the world your skills and talents?

Do you own your personal brand?

How are you building your brand?

There are so many tools, books and tactics to creating and building a brand. Grabbing and capitalizing on these tools can help improve your life, forgetting a job you wanted, to meeting a personal goal. I’d like to help you meet that by providing tips, resources and sharing what I learn about managing your personal brand.

Think of it as the business of selling you, to the world. The business of making everyone realize how incredibly talented you are and getting your foot in whatever door that is currently shut.

I’m taking the blog on a new adventure

Kudos if you figured that out already!

When I started blogging, I was more interested in trying to find ways to help small business get the online thing, at least a little more. So naturally I explored topics like blogging, social media, and how to market your business.

Building a personal brand encompasses all those things just on a more personal note. Focusing on ways we can build our personal brand online will simply be about learning to market yourself.Whether it’s to impress a potential boss, meet a personal goal or build your own brand as a business.

If you follow this blog I’d love for you to stay on board as I venture into this new niche territory.

Looking forward to the journey, friends!


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