By Daisy Quaker

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E-mail Maketing Basics-Small Business Internet MarketingIt will take you more than 5 minutes, but it will last you however long you want the campaign to run, and it will get opened and read. If you’re struggling with crafting e-mail for your small business marketing campaign, the buck stops here.

This is Email Marketing 101, basics to get you started in sending out emails that get read.

1. Pick email software

The simplest way to get started is to start on the right foot. Things to look out for when picking an email software is  the delivarability rate and features. There are a lot of email software services on the web, but three that I am familiar with and have heard great things about are: Aweber,  Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

In a nutshell: Aweber is among the best in the industry, plans start at about $19. ConstantContact is another great e-mail software provider, MailChimp is fun to use, and free for the first 2000 subscribers.

But before you pick read this post that compares the three services, pros, cons so you are better informed. Its important to start with a great software early on because if you have problems down the road switching can be difficult and you could loose all those hard-earned subscriptions.

2. Subject lines make or break you

Just like in writing for web posts, great headlines can entice someone to open your email or not.

Writing great email subject lines is somewhat of an art that you can craft and perfected over time. So pick carefully to communicate a value, emotion, time urgency and a benefit from opening your e-mail.

The goal of  the subject line is to get your e-mail opened and read.  Look out for an upcoming post on writing great email subject lines. In the meanwhile this post talks in detail about how to craft a great subject headline.

3. Give to receive

It’s the power of reciprocation. Great email market campaigns start by giving something of value whether it’s a free e-book, or a discount at your next purchase, you are simply giving the customer something they can use for subscribing to your list. It’s a great way to get people to subscribe to your email campaign.

Once they are subscribed keep track of your sales pitch e-mails. Provide useful content that your subscribers will care about in the first 3-4 email before pitching a service or product to them. After that keep varying with 2-3 useful posts before every sales pitch. It will give you an opportunity to sell your products, but also build a good relationship with your readers where they don’t feel harassed to just buy from your business. That way when you do pitch they are listening.

4. Create a series instead of one offer

Want to keep your readers listening?

Keep it short, and worthwhile of their time and attention. If you are writing great content on say keeping your home clean break it up into bite sized chunks. Say “12 Minutes to a Cleaner Home”, and have tasks that readers can complete weekly to become more organized, so when you do pitch your services say in the 3rd or fourth email they have built a trust that opening your emails deliver some value to their lives. (Read this post on creating a series instead of just one offer)

5. Whats in it for me?

When you do craft your offer communicate a value or benefit that goes beyond price. A really great way to set up your pitch is to offer something that complements all the free advice you’ve given. That way you already have your audiences interest, and they already know what they will benefit from using your product.

Happy emailing!

E-mail marketing is an art that takes time to master,to make our journey easier, perhaps you’d like a free consultation? Contact me and we can set-up a time to discuss your email marketing needs and how to meet your goals.

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