There’s a lot of crappy content on the web. You know that because you’ve had to wade through it. In fact, you secretly fear that your business blog falls under it.

From click bait headlines, that offer empty promises, to crappy blog posts, which teach you basically nothing, to emails that suck so bad you wonder why the company even bothers to hit send…

There’s a crap-ton of crappy content, which is great for you.

Why you ask?

Because if/when customers find great content that helps them they are delighted. D-E-L-I-G-H-T-E-D

They share it, email it, sign up for the newsletter, download the eBook, or buy the actual book or product.

Great content marketing, however, isn’t easy

Which is why there’s a crap-ton out there. Because it’s way easier to say, hire a freelance writer that will write a few blog posts that you can chalk up as having done content marketing. Or try and rank for keywords without the necessary email nurturing plan to convert that traffic into leads and leads into sales. You may be “doing” content marketing without it equating to an actual return.

That’s because content marketing strategy is more than creating an editorial calendar
It’s figuring out how to create a trail of breadcrumbs that leads the visitor from one post to the next. From one link to the next, until they are 6 ft. deep in helping you solve their problem.

You may have an excellent copywriter on hand. Kudos! But if you are not creating a strategy around your channels (blog, email, PPC ads and yes even social) so that it all flows together, and you attract the right leads, and get them to qualify into your sales funnel and walk them through to picking up the phone or ordering your product, you need to change your strategy.

We’re talking more than a few blog posts, another whitepaper or webinar.
There are tons of those. To stand out from the pack you will need a strong strategy that will bring results.

See how I help you create a results-driven content strategy


daisyq-squareDaisy is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a keen instinct for building campaigns focused on bringing value to your target buyer, and building revenue for your company.

Daisy draws hands-on experience in running online marketing campaigns, as well as SEO, PPC, email marketing and lead nurturing projects. She helps clients build holistic content campaign s and email marketing campaigns that get potential customers to act.


See how I help you create a results-driven content strategy