I am looking for creative projects. I have experience working with creating brochures, posters, and marketing pieces from working with concepts and ideas. I can work with businesses online, or meet in person (a break down of what I can do for your business is available on the Services page)

I can take a basic concept or idea and transform it into a piece that works alongside the vision.

A recent client had this to say:

“Daisy-Ree approached me first through a blog comment and then by email, and I was so impressed with her follow-through and commitment to achieve that I hired her for a project. I gave her very little direction because I had a feeling she didn’t need much — and I was right. She took the skeleton of an idea I gave, came up with solutions for a simple PR sheet I needed for clients, and delivered on time without prodding. She paid attention to detail (using a color on my site, finding ways to fit disparate information) but got creative too, sending 5 different ideas for the project; when I picked one and asked her to refine it, she turned it around lightning-fast. Not everyone is as ambitious as they appear. Daisy-Ree is — and a pleasure to work with virtually, a must these days. I recommend her — she’ll find a way to get it done!”

Lindsey Donner, Well Versed Creative Co-Founder

Feel free to explore some of my work available on the Portfolio page.