The case for public relations

What is it about people who hold our trust disappointing us?
The recent Paterno case, rioting students at Penn State, and the allegations that were long ignored is most certainly an ethical, managerial, legal, and PR disaster. PR of course in this case is the least of concerns but the image that Penn State now holds in the public is nothing short of disastrous. It simply starts with, how could this happen?
In the light of the university, how could the failure of ethics and protocol and justice be ignored? Did he think he could get away with it? And more importantly what sort of actions can the university take to restore its tarnished image?
Over the years the field of Public Relations has gotten a bad rep, mostly due to the depictions in the media of PR professionals lying through their teeth, and covering up the truth from news sources.
It has almost become a common fallacy that to be good at PR, you have to be good at lying, or covering up information and this is simply not true.