PR the good and the bad

Public Relations adds value to our society. Think of its work in highlighting important causes and news pieces that might otherwise slip past our notice, and its usefulness in regulating and polishing the image and character of various public figures.

Apple’s PR Success Case
Micheal Vick in the Dog HouseThere is the bad however: the managing of information and withholding secrets from the public that arguably the public may have a right to know, and facing your critics in the face of a tragic mistake like Tiger Woods, or the Bog Scandal that followed
PR is a lone wolf. It has some elements of news reporting, for it takes a special skill to make an otherwise mundane story worthy of our attention, but also all the elements of marketing, which helps us, see the bright side of the picture.
Truthfully it does sometimes lead us to see certain public figures, companies or causes in a somewhat rosy light, but in the end, good PR or not, the truth comes out. And at the end of the day, good PR professionals know their most important defense in their arsenal of weapons is honesty and credibility. Those who practice succeed through this go far.
Those who don’t – well, they meet their own fate.