A PR code of ethics

Believe it or not the Public Relations, just like other esteemed professions, has a code of ethics that are governed by the Public Relations Association of America.

All the smooth talking and slickness that one see’s in movies such as “Thank you for smoking” where lobbyists (a PR related profession) get to pull stuff out of thin air to schmooze a gullible public is just good television.
The public can sometimes be gullible, but pulling stunts like this never end well. It’s not about spinning, it’s about admitting the truth, and letting people decide whether they love you or hate you. After all how many warnings are out there about smoking are out there and people still can’t resist. But the again I have never been a lobbyist for a major cigarette company.
Off of television, the field goes beyond all the glitz, to the commonplace and less glamorous world of writing press releases, and schmoozing with the media to spread information or a strategic plug, that could make all the difference.